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Screen Printing Services for Promoting your Business

How it Works

Screen Printing can often be a difficult item to price out while shopping online. At top 2 Bottom we have simplified this process by letting you view our price chart to figure out exactly what the cost will be. All printing prices below include either 100% Cotton Gildan or 100% port and company T-shirts. There are many other styles available while browsing through our online catalog, so please feel free to call for a quote on T-shirts that our not included in this pricing chart.

When having a garment screen printed, the art supplied must be converted onto film which is then shot onto a screen which is how the "Screen Printing" process is done.

There is a one time charge for preparing the films and screens which is $25.00 per color used in the artwork. Films are saved for 1 year from the time you have your printing done, so if you decide to print another set of shirts, there is no second set-up charge.

For this purpose, art submitted must be in a vector format (EPS, AI, or Corel Draw)

In the past if you have had any type of paper printing done (letterheads, business cards, etc.) your printer should be able to supply you with one of these file formats.

You can always contact us if you are not sure of the right file type to send, we are happy to assist you.

If you do not have your artwork in one of these formats, it will have to be re-created by our art department. Our fee is $50-$65 per hour depending on the artwork in question. We will always contact you in advance to let you know what the art charges will be.

To get started simply send us your artwork and let us know that you are interested in screen printing along with any other details about how you would like it printed. (i.e. left chest, right chest, full front/back) One of our customer service reps will call you in advance to let you know if we foresee any problems with the artwork and the exact cost for your project.

Screen Printing Price Guide
Quantity Shirt Color 1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors 4 Colors 5 Colors 6 Colors
36-75 Light $4.95 $5.15 $5.35 $5.55 $5.75 $5.95
Dark $5.95 $6.15 $6.35 $6.55 $6.75 $6.95
76-149 Light $4.75 $4.95 $5.15 $5.35 $5.55 $5.75
Dark $5.75 $5.95 $6.15 $6.35 $6.55 $6.75
150-249 Light $4.50 $4.75 $4.95 $5.15 $5.35 $5.55
Dark $5.50 $5.75 $5.95 $6.15 $6.35 $6.55
250-499 Light $4.25 $4.55 $4.75 $4.95 $5.15 $5.35
Dark $5.25 $5.55 $5.75 $5.95 $6.15 $6.35
499-999 Light $3.75 $4.35 $4.55 $4.75 $4.95 $5.15
Dark $4.75 $5.35 $5.55 $5.75 $5.95 $6.15
1000-2499 Light $3.50 $4.15 $4.35 $4.55 $4.75 $4.95
Dark $4.50 $5.15 $5.35 $5.55 $5.75 $5.95
2500-2499 Light $3.25 $3.95 $4.15 $4.35 $4.55 $4.75
Dark $4.25 $4.95 $5.15 $5.35 $5.55 $5.75
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